Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Casual Affair with Spinach

        I am having an affair with spinach. It started off casually like most vegetable run ins. It would spot me in aisle two of kings; catch me staring and then looking away at the fresh Brussels sprout, sensing my uneasiness. Although I play it off and gravitate toward cans of carrots, I cannot stray for too long. I inevitably find myself returning to spinach and its elegant leaves and palatable texture. I am not picky when we break bread together. Swooning over thawed spinach or spinach that’s been boiled, spinach I can bake or pan fry, I like my spinach tossed with balsamic or teeming with oil and garlic. A good green tastes neither soggy nor stale.
            Tonight’s topic is born of my recent resurrection of one recipe in particular involving of all things, Pillsbury crescent rolls, pepperoni, a host of cheese. This tiny delight has no formal name.  It is a hand-me-down of dinner sorts and I whip it up whenever my apartment feels oversized or like me, famished. Rich in antioxidants and iron, this leafy lettuce head fills me without leaving me stuffed and I truly cannot say enough about the warmth of this dish. Like a good bowl of soup, my little “spinach things” serve as a starter or a worthy main squeeze.

Spinach things”
§  Boil Fresh Spinach, or thaw frozen spinach
(If boiled, sauté spinach in oil and garlic) and dry thoroughly
Note: If the spinach is left too soggy, it will leave the dough soggy and undesirable.
§  Add salt, pepper to taste.
§  Mix the spinach with Ricotta and graded mozzarella (to your liking) and (shredded) pepperoni.
Note: amount of pepperoni should be relative to intended amount of “spinach things” desired.
§  Bake at 400 at most for ten minutes OR until “golden brown’ after rolling in Pillsbury crescent rolls.  

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